Water Jet Cutting Services

Up to 6000 mm x 4000 mm x up to 200 mm

Twin headed cutting and up to 45° bevel cutting with multiple machines

Water jet cutting offers distinct advantages over other cutting processes, so P.P. Profiles is well placed to meet every possible client requirement. Water jet machines cut cleanly and accurately with no burring, minimal taper and no heat affected zone. Using a high-pressure jet of water in conjunction with an abrasive element such as garnet, high temperatures are not an issue. As a result, the structural integrity of the working materials is maintained, making this the go-to cutting method for the nuclear and aerospace industries. Our bevel water jet machine is capable of 2D cutting of standard profiles and intricate bevelling both in the same process, saving on production costs and offering our customers outstanding service.

With a jet width of roughly 1.2 mm in diameter, one key advantage of water jet cutting is its ability to carve complex shapes into almost any material (including heavy metals such as titanium, steel and aluminium).

Environmentally-friendly and offering excellent precision, water jet cutting offers good tolerance on thicker materials and eliminates the need for many secondary operations – including deburring and heat treatment. By offering a weld prepping service, fabricators can receive profiled components with an accurate weld prep to increase the weld penetration of their parts. This option reduces the amount of material processed and machining time and we can also counter sink holes.

45º bevel cutting head

Able to cut virtually any material, including ‘combined’ materials, bevel water jets can even handle 3D cutting of materials such as stone, ceramics and thick metals up to 200 mm.


  • Free issue and full supply
  • Pressure vessel / boiler grade
  • Structural
  • Offshore
  • Abrasion / wear resistant
  • Chrome molybdenum
  • Quenched and tempered
  • Medium carbon

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