Laser Cutting Services

Up to 6500 mm x 2500 mm and up to 25 mm thickness

Laser cutting – the in-demand service in the industry

Our mild steel laser cutting services are desired for a large number of projects due to the high level of accuracy that laser cutting achieves. We have been proudly serving a wide range of industrial sectors, including aerospace, oil and gas, nuclear, rail and mining. Our customers remain loyal due to our proven ability to deliver anything from bespoke to batch projects – on time, every time.

P.P. Profiles’ drive to remain at the cutting edge of our industry can be seen in our investment in the revolutionary Bystronic Bystar machine, delivering premium-cut quality for even the most intricate of designs and providing finishes with excellent tolerances. As laser beams don’t need cleaning, cutting is consistent and the chance of contamination is reduced, while heat affected zones (HAZ) are kept small so there is less warping of the base material.


  • Free issue and full supply
  • Pressure vessel / boiler grade
  • Structural
  • Coated material
  • Offshore
  • Abrasion / wear resistant
  • Chrome molybdenum
  • Quenched and tempered
  • Weathering
  • Medium carbon

Delivery times

Our dedicated fleet of vehicles can give you a premium delivery service throughout the UK and Ireland. We are renowned for our flexibility so please speak to us to discuss all the available options.