Edge Prepping

Edge Prepping Services

Saving our customers time and money

As part of our commitment to providing a complete solution for our customers, P.P. Profiles Ltd can also prepare your metal surfaces for welding. By offering our edge prepping service in-house we will save you time on secondary processes. We are capable of providing all standard weld preps, bevel angles up to 55° and plate thicknesses up to 50 mm, as well as nose or feathered edges.


  • When strength is required for assemblies and parts edge prepping is a must
  • Reduce the need for secondary operations – saving time and money
  • All standard weld preps available
  • Bevel angles up to 55o

Our dedicated fleet of vehicles can give you a premium delivery service throughout the UK and Ireland. We are renowned for our flexibility so please speak to us to discuss all the available options.